Meet your guides on this course

Louise Tidmand

Nanna Paarup

Mette Marie Ledertoug

Ph.D., PostDoc in Positive Education. Louise made her thesis with the project “Life Skills on the Curriculum”, MA (Ed.) in Educational Psychology and the educational manager at Strength Academy LLC. She trains pedagogical staff members in practical work with Positive Education, social-emotional learning and courses to enhance well-being from a strength-based perspective. With fifteen years of teaching experience in school and adult education, Louise is eager to transfer her research into practice. MA in Positive Psychology, Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration, founder of Solve-it ApS and Her passion is learning. She is a co-author of “The Battle Against Boredom. In schools” and has published several books on how to engage students. Nanna provides teachers training, focusing on classroom management, teamwork and professional learning communities. Nanna was part of the organizing committee and facilitating the preconference PosEd in Budapest in 2018. Nanna is an editor of the Journal: Kognition & Pædagogik and is constantly searching new ways to involve, engage and motivate students, teachers and staff PhD, MA in Educational Psychology and Positive Psychology and currently postdoc in Positive Education at Aarhus University, Denmark. Mette has twenty years of practical experience within the field of education, and she has published articles and books focusing on strength-based learning, engagement, resilience and wellbeing and she has recently co-authored the book “The Battle against Boredom – in schools”. Mette is currently a WP leader and mental health expert in the Upright project (EU). She is also a member of IPPA Pos Ed Division organizing and facilitating events and conferences.